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on president obama. u.s. law for bids providing support for leaders of a military coups. yesterday the white house signaled they wouldn't be cutting off the $1.5 billion of aid. president morsi will not be missed in washington but there are concerns about the precedent that has been set. reassuringly egypt's new interim president has promise ed there will be a new parliament, a new president and a constitution all within six months. this comes though against the back drop of more than 50 islamist protestors being killed by the military on monday. another problem for the administration overseas, afghanistan. reports suggest including starting in the "new york times" on tuesday that president obama is frustrated now with president karzai and is considering a so-called zero option. that would mean a full withdrawal of all american troops by the end of 2014 more than has been anticipated. no forces left there. joining me from washington to talk about these two very big issues. peter baker the white house correspondent for the new york times and also from washington andrea mitchell the chief fore
to be protected, no matter the body count. if my vagina was a gun, i could bypass security, concealed carry laws would insure i had a purity. >> the texas house is expected to vote on the bill today. the bill was defeated by wendy davis and a people's filibuster last month, but gov. rick perry called for a special session to reconsider it. a federal judge has temporarily blocked part of a new law signed by wisconsin governor scott walker that would require abortion providers to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. the move came after planned parenthood and others filed a lawsuit saying the law which down two out of four abortion clinics. thousands of people gathered at the north carolina legislator building for the attend weekly moral monday protest called by the naacp to protest the agenda of the republican-led state legislature. many arrive in pink t-shirts to protest a series of anti-joyce restrictions passed by the state senate last week without a public hearing. the bill requires abortion clinics to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers which critics say which shut d
and no compensation. >> translator: i had two sons and a daughter-in-law working on the second floor. we got the bodies of my older son and daughter-in-law but they haven't found my younger son. >> reporter: i don't know about my future. i have no strength. and it is difficult for me to move. i pray to allah. i want a job. i need to start again. >> apparel makers, high fashion and bargain names alike, have been lured here by the low wages. the minimum wage is just $37 a month. in barely two decades, bangladesh has become second only to china in garment manufacturing. but all this has come at huge expense to workers, says nazma enforcement of safety rules and the suppression of labor unions, issues the u.s. government cited last week as it suspended trade privileges for some bangladeshi imports. the move does not directly mpact garments but there's fear it could drive away investors. fazle abed is founder of the bangladesh rural affairs committee, or brac, the world's largest antipoverty organization. >> there is certainly more awareness everywhere that we need to do something very quickly, o
at local hospitals am a step that can be impossible in part because some hospitals oppose abortion. the law is said to take effect today, but planned parenthood federation of america and the aclu have filed suit seeking to block implementation. the group's lawsuit says the measure would force two of wisconsin's remaining for abortion clinics to shut down. republican lawmakers in texas meanwhile are reviving their attempt this week to push through legislation that would shut down nearly all of the states abortion clinics and ban abortion 20 weeks after fertilization. defeated attempt was in a historic filibuster led by texas state senator wendy davis last month. for investigative reporting has revealed nearly one hundred 50 female prisoners in california were surgically sterilized without required 2010. approvals from 2006- there may be roughly 100 additional cases dating back to the late 1990s freed prisoners reported being coerced into the sterilizations by medical staff. one woman said a prison doctor " maybe feel like a bad mother if i did not do it turco such sterilizations require appr
whether it's pro i object haded under german law. >> their own constitution probably limits how militarily they can get involved. >> what's the answer to my question,@get everyone on board. >> politics and diplomacy is the art of the possible, and the excess weapons that we're talking about are in the u.s. and in the former soviet union, and if you're going to start talking about denying other countries, limiting other countries' stockpiles that's a whole other conversation. >> i think it would be probably dismissed on the bass of the improbability of getting the exactitude of examination to verify they have in fact -- didn't we encounter this with russia? >> there's no way this is going to happen at this stage of the game. certainly not in the case of china for example. china@is a power that just going to give itup.@ at's -- period. north kor -- >> it is. >> evebody gets in the act together. we talked about@russia and the@ ited s(ates, d they canot even -- we're not even gog to get@the bilateral. it's too hard. because everybody's feeling threatened so they need to keep their nuclear sto
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)